Nov 26, 2011
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8 Unique Holiday Gifts For Men

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A shave Kit – shave kits always makes great gifts for guys. A lot of kits provides a close shave without razor burn and acute face afterward.

shave kit

This shave Kit is sold Here

T-Shirts/Undershirts – It’s always a challenge finding the right style, fit and size of T-Shirt/Undershirts. Doing this search for your man will be very appreciative. Some good ones to consider are Pima cotton, Calvin Klien, DKNY etc.


This CK undershirt is sold Here

Do it Yourself Kits – Men loves to be the macho of the house, so helping them with one of two tool kits will be great.

tool kit

This tool kit is sold Here

Personalized Wallets – A genuine Black/Brown leather wallet always goes the right way. According to the survey, men loves to show off their wallet,especially when its a designer.


This wallet is sold Here

Leather – You like it or not, there are a lot of stylish leather goods for men. Men love leathers, eg. Jacket, Duffel, Carry on/ travel Case etc.

bag set

This bag is sold Here

A watch – There are lots of different styles and varieties of men watches out there. Natural Wooden watch, Two tone watch, Leather watch, Silver and Gold etc.

wood watch

This wood watch can be found Here

A leather beer Holster – 80% of men drinks beer, here is a good cool beer holster for men while working at home, playing on the field etc.


This Beer Holster is sold Here

Briefs/Boxers – Men love the comfortable fit and feel of boxers/briefs. Though some really like to go comando too.


This Boxer Brief is sold Here



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