Sep 20, 2011
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How to Choose Your Man’s Wallet

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Wallets are a man’s special item. Bags are to women, as wallets are to men. Whether one is going for shopping, working or social events, wallets are never left behind. Here are some useful tips when selecting a wallet for your man:

Design: There are many sizes and designs to choose from. However it is safe to select a wallet that the design would last as years go by. A simple black or brown wallet is very impressive and on fashion. It can go with any type of outfit.

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Quality: It is very important to srutinize the quality when making a purchase. It makes no sence buying new wallets every now and then, as this is a more costly venture.

Compartments: it is also best to opt for wallets that have several compartments which can accomodate coins, nairabills, credit cards and identification cards.


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