Oct 7, 2011
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Nigerian Next Fashion Icon – Ugo Mozié

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Nigeria, no doubt can boast of a huge plethora of talented individuals. Some of which have been able to grace the global stage. Amongst those able to achieve this feat is Ugo Mozié. Born in Nigeria and raised in Los Angeles, a city he moved to when he was 4yrs. Ugo fell in love with fashion at the age of 11. At 14yrs, he had a breakthrough in his modelling career with the help of rap icon Jay-Z, who discovered him at an urban modelling talent show and consequently went on to model for Sean John and G-unit.

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In 2009, Ugo moved to New York to start his career professionally. Through his creative directing and styling, Ugo Mozié has been able to predict and set the pace of future trends and styles, a skill which he is strongly aware of and plans to fully exploit in his future ventures. Such rare talent has afforded him the opportunity to work with celebrities such as Steph Jones, Lil B, Kelis, Omarion and many more.

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Fashion magazines such as Elle, Vibe, Nylon, Paper, New York times and several others have had to tap into his broad spectrum of fashion intelligence. He is currently a fashion contributor to WAD, fashion, editor at GHUBAR and a fashion-editor-at large at 360.

Ugo is not gender-biased in his fashion designs, as he believes no item of clothing must be restricted to just male or female.


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