Sep 17, 2013
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Revitalizing Your Wardrobe on a Budget

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How to Revitalize Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Not many of us are in the enviable position of being able to completely revitalize our wardrobes in line with continually changing fashion trends. In these recession-dogged times many people are struggling to make ends meet, let alone shelling out copious amounts of money for luxury items like designer dresses and tailored suits. Being on a budget is not however synonymous with a lackluster closet. In fact by following the tips below, you too will be able to revitalize your wardrobe without splashing the cash.

1.  Explore local Charity Shops

Charity shops, like Goodwill are a great place to start if you are looking to renew your wardrobe on a budget. Though you may have to trawl through a few rails to find what you’re looking for, the lower price tag will normally justify the effort. What’s more, you know that the money you spend will be donated to a charitable cause, making your purchases both financially savvy and ethical.



2.   Other second-hand options

If you end up not finding anything in charity shops do not despair! There are other options! You can always look for garage sales where at times you can also find clothes in good condition; check out billboards in your town or city and write down any interesting sales and their dates. Another comfortable option you can do from home or if you have 10 minutes at work, is to check local free-classifieds websites for second-hand stuff. To avoid spending on shipping costs what you’ve saved on the item, make sure to choose sites in your state and country. For example, if you’re living in Africa ( Nigeria)  it’s best to check your local free-classifieds website, TradeStable; but if you’re living in the US it’s a good idea to visit E-Bay.

3.  Think before you buy

Whimsical shopping is a sport reserved for those who have money to burn, so think carefully about your purchases before you buy. Only purchase pieces you know can be combined with a variety of items you already own and look for multi-functional garments that can either be dressed down or dressed up. Buy clothes in similar colours and styles so that each piece can be seamlessly blended to the other items in your closet.



4.  If in doubt, sell

Some of these tips will help you save money while revitalizing your wardrobe, selling your unwanted pieces could actually make you money. Good quality items in good condition can fetch high prices on auction websites such as Ebay, so it is certainly worth a try.

5.  Get sewing

While the majority of us are fairly inept with a needle and thread, most will be capable of repairing minor tears, holes or missing buttons without too much trouble. If you’d like some tips on how to do so there are some websites that can teach you basic sewing. Longevity is essential when living on a budget, so release your inner seamstress in order to avoid throwing anything away needlessly.

6.  Organize a clothing swap

This is an entertaining way of revitalizing your wardrobe, and benefits both you and your friends and family. When organizing a swap, make sure there are a few people of the same size attending so that no one is left without a swap partner. At the same time, ask friends and family to bring items that are in decent condition and aren’t obviously broken, stained or faded.

Revitalizing your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a costly process. Indeed, by exploring charity shops, shopping sensibly, organizing clothes swaps, repairing old clothes and selling unwanted items, you can create a fresh, new closet regardless of your budget.

Article By: Mary Davis  – Freelance Editor       

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