Oct 14, 2011
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Skinny is Good but How Good is it

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I want all your opinion on this one.

Being skinny is in vogue right now, but come to think it, BBWs ( Big Beautiful Women) aren’t bad either.

A lot of modern women are facing the challenges of being skinny, starving themselves, taking medications which leads to different side effects, undergoing surgery that leads to death etc. For the sake of being skinny and acceptable to the fashionista community.

According to the research the advantages of being skinny are:

– It makes you look trim and fitted.

– It makes you look healthy.

– The cloth sizes are easily available at any store.

– It makes you sometimes not to be conscious about what you eat because it will be burnt out anyways.

– It makes you look great in whatever outfit you have on.

– It’s less going to the gym, less working out, less dieting.

– It makes you more attracted to men.

And many more.

According to research the disadvantages are:

– Being skinny sometimes makes you look hungry and sick.

– It sometimes makes you want to eat more to get curvy.

– It makes you watch a lot of TV to be celebrity like.

– It makes you hate the word “skinny”.

– It makes you get stuck to skinny friends because of being referred to as skinny.

– It makes you easily vulnerable to diseases.

And many more.


Being curvy is beautiful, being plump is beautiful, you just have to love yourself the way you are and

apreciate your figure, being it skinny or not. Work with it and find a comfort zone in yourself.

Schedule a session with a stylist to guide you with choices of clothes that suites you and makes you look beautiful. We are beautiful women no matter what shape you are.

I’m not a sexist but being skinny is not always the best.

Who says BBW are not sexy ?? phew

photo courtesy: mwza and jezebel


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